Club Fields

Iron Valley United is proud to make its home at the Campbelltown Park located near 127 Lawn Road, Palmyra, Pennsylvania.  Club members enjoy the use of six professionally groomed premier quality grass fields at the complex for all practices and home games.

Field Schedule

The master field schedule is available by clicking the 'Schedule' link at the top of this page.

All games, scrimmages, and practices should be listed on this schedule.  Field availability should never be assumed.  In the event of field conflict, this schedule will determine field usage.  The field schedule is maintained by the the club’s field scheduler.

All requests should be submitted to the scheduler using the Reserve a Field procedure described on the ‘Reserving a Field’ page.

Reserving a Field

Coaches and managers may reserve additional field time using the procedure below. Please note that field availability should never be assumed.

  1. Identify an available time-slot on the schedule page
  2. Send an email to that provides the following information:
    • Field # Requested
    • Reservation Date
    • Reservation Start Time
    • Reservation End Time
    • Event Type – GAME or PRACTICE
    • Team Name
    • Team Gender
    • Team Age Group
    • Coach Name
    • Reservation Contact Name
    • Reservation Contact Phone Number
  3. Await confirmation email from field scheduler
  4. Confirm your reservation is posted correctly on the schedule page