Juggling Challenges

Juggling is an important part of any players training at all ages, and especially youth. Spending time juggling the ball builds confidence, creates good habits, develops a great first touch, develops balance, strengthens legs, develops ball control, teaches focus, develops foot-eye co-ordination, trains for air balls, and develops passing/shooting touch .

Click the link below to enter your personal best Juggling score. If your name is missing from the sheet add your name, contact Coach Tim at dir_coaching@ironvalleysoccer.org.   The names are divided by birth year.  Let Coach know if birth year is too low or too high.    We will keep these records all time.  See if you can post the best.

In addition, there is a Juggling tricks page.   See if you can master all the juggling tricks from every age.   Post how many you have accomplished beside your name in the Juggling Tricks Records page.   Have Fun and Go Work With the Ball!